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You Have Found Premiere Air Conditioning and Heating Repair Near Me When You Call DC / AC Air and Heat

AC and heating systemIt’s hot outside in central Florida and getting hotter and more humid by the minute. You find yourself looking forward to entering the blissful coolness of your home and instead you find stale and sweltering conditions. This is the place that you depend on to be your oasis of comfort on hot days! When you realize that your air conditioner has failed, you want to find the best AC repair near me that specialize in expert air conditioning repair with an emphasis on solving air conditioner problems. Get the best Orlando AC Repair Near Me 

You also want the best air conditioner repair near me that is fast and reliable from a local heating and air conditioning company. These might sound like some lofty expectations, but DC / AC Air Conditioning and Heating has the expert solution you need to quickly restore your home or commercial business to its cool and comfortable best. When you call DC / AC Air and Heat for professional HVAC service, here are some of the excellent qualities you’ll find that our technicians possess:

  1. Expert Knowledge:

    Technicians from the air conditioner repair company you depend on are skilled and specifically trained: to service ALL makes and models of air conditioning and heating systems:

  2. Fast and Dependable Service:

    Our technicians pride themselves on extraordinary punctuality and showing up exactly when we tell you we’ll be there. We have the utmost respect for your schedule and for your time

  3. Extraordinary Care:

    You’ll find that our expert technicians always put forth the extra effort required that makes us stand apart from other heating and air conditioning repair companies. With a record of over 25 years of exceptional HVAC repair, HVAC installation experience and professional heating and air repair backing our promise of excellence, you’ll know that you’re getting the highest quality home and commercial heating and air repair near me

  4. Total Respect for Your Home and Business:

    You’ll find that the expert specialists in heating and cooling services near me have complete respect for your home and business areas. Work is done cleanly with as little disruption to your daily routine as possible

Out of all of the heating and air companies near me that you can choose from, we believe you’ll choose the A+ Better Business Bureau rated experts from DC / AC Air Conditioning and Heating every time you hope to find heating and AC repair near me. We strive for 100 percent satisfaction with every service we provide. We also adhere to tenets like professionalism, integrity, fair pricing and a passion for providing the excellent service that you can depend on to be a complete solution.

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Services We Expertly Deliver

AC maintenance near me Through DC / AC Air Conditioning and Heating you’ll find both heating and cooling repair services, along with our specialist’s expert troubleshooting skills that accurately and quickly find any issues with your system. No one wants to be miserable in their own home or in their workplace. When the heat or air fails, you want fast, dependable service to make the expert repairs you need, to do replacement air conditioner installation, or to provide your most reliable heat pump service near me. There’s not a minute to waste. Orlando AC repair and heating services that we supply include:

  1. Residential AC Repair Near Me:

    Home air conditioner repair that you know will be done right every time

  2. Commercial AC Repair Near Me:

    From one of the most renowned commercial HVAC companies near me, DC / AC Air Conditioning and Heating

  3. Professional Diagnostic Evaluation:

    Your system will be thoroughly evaluated and a free estimate will be provided by our knowledgeable specialists. You’ll find out exactly why your system is malfunctioning and what can be done to fix it. If you need a new system, we’ll let you know

  4. Thermostat Repair or Replacement:

    Expert HVAC contractors can repair or replace any make or model of thermostat. A new thermostat can make a world of difference in getting a good handle on your utility bills. We’ll educate you about the best way to use your thermostat to get the most benefit from it

  5. Refrigerant Recharging:

    Our specialists are certified to replace your refrigerant or install new refrigerant, while always staying in line with EPA regulations

  6. Maintenance Services:

    Professional air conditioner maintenance near me and furnace maintenance near me done by specialists. Whether you need to have filters replaced, an AC tune up near me, routine cleaning of blowers and ducts or more complicated services, we’re your reliable experts in HVAC maintenance providing HVAC maintenance near me that you can depend on

  7. Expert Air Conditioning Installation or Furnace Installation Near Me:

    If it’s found that you need a new system, DC / AC Air and Heat is fully equipped, knowledgeable and qualified to install any new system

When you search for AC companies near me, you hope to find someone who can do a myriad of essential tasks to keep your system running in top-notch condition. Through the pros from DC / AC Air Conditioning and Heating, you’ve found your solution. A quick phone call or a few clicks on the website bring trusted heating and air conditioning contractors near me straight to your door. We don’t waste any time when it comes to restoring your comfort.

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New Advanced AC and Heating Systems Can Save You Money

heating and air companies near me

If your technician tells you that you need a new system, we believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all the new advances in the latest systems. Today’s AC and heating systems are more eco-friendly, energy-efficient and more cost-efficient than ever before. They run more quietly and chances are that you’ll save money on your energy bills. What’s not to love about that?

Your specialist in heating and air conditioning near me will fill you in on interesting facets of your new system like its energy star ratings and the most optimal way to use your new system. We can also help you to fill out any necessary paperwork for a rebate if the system you choose features a rebate. Your installation will be done to your complete satisfaction and its nuances will be explained to you. We know you’ll be happy with the licensed and insured AC repair Orlando trusts for excellence.

Finding AC Repair Near Me That is Fast, Local and Affordable

The affordable AC repair near me that you need comes directly from DC / AC Air and Heat. Among local heating and cooling companies, DC / AC Air Conditioning and Heating stands apart. We know how important it is to you to be able to get the local heating and air conditioning service you want and need at prices you can afford. We deliver competitively priced service so you never have to question whether you’re getting the best deal available.

Getting local heating and air conditioning repair is your smart solution. Once your service is complete, we can set up a schedule to return periodically to check your AC and heating system for any new developments. You won’t get the cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all service that you would from a national chain AC repair services provider. Service from air conditioning contractors near me and from local air conditioning companies are your best bet for the most trustworthy and comprehensive service.

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AC and Heating System Tune Ups are a Critical Service

AC repair

One service that can be easy to overlook, but is incredibly important, is professional AC and heating system tune up service. Having regular tune ups and professional AC maintenance near me done regularly can help prevent problems with your system. It can also help to catch any developing problems early before they have the opportunity to become bigger issues. Having regular HVAC tune ups can also help to optimize the efficient running of your system, potentially saving you money on your utility bills. Some things that can be done when you have an HVAC tune up near me include:

  1. Inspecting Fittings:

    Fittings are checked for signs that they may be leaking or damaged

  2. Condenser Coil Inspection:

    Inspecting for cracking or leaking and for any unexpected wear or other issues

  3. Cleaning Condenser Coils:

    Done by your professional HVAC service technician to increase the efficiency of your AC system

  4. Electrical Connections Inspection:

    Electrical connections are tightened if necessary and inspected by your AC specialist near me to ensure the continued safe operation of your system

  5. Inspect Blower Motor and Blower Belt:

    Your HVAC technician will evaluate how well your blower motor is performing and evaluate the condition of your blower belt

  6. Checking Duct Work:

    Ace air conditioning contractors will check your duct work to look for any energy loss and the findings will be reported to you

  7. Evaluation of Your Coolant Level:

    The level of refrigerant will be checked by your professional HVAC technician near me so the optimum operating performance can be maintained.

  8. Calibrating Your Thermostat:

    A specialist in AC heating repair will check for proper calibration of your thermostat to ensure that you get the most energy-efficiency from your system

  9. Checking Bearings:

    It’s critical to check bearings for wear and to lubricate them if necessary to keep your system running smoothly

  10. Inspect the Fan Blade:

    To check for nicks or excessive wear and to decide if your blade needs to be replaced

  11. Evaluating and Testing Capacitors:

    To prevent a breakdown of your crucial AC system. Capacitors are easy for your home air conditioning service technician to inspect and to replace

A fully licensed and insured provider of comprehensive heating and cooling repair from DC / AC Air Conditioning and Heating is happy to come out to do your system tune ups to keep your system running its best. This is a critical service that our customers have depended on us to supply for over 25 years. Keeping your system running in top-notch order is your priority and ours as well.

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Our Technicians Give Us Our Reputation for Excellence

AC repair near me

Specialists in AC repair services near me that come out to do your home HVAC repair and service and commercial HVAC repair near me are selected from among the best in the HVAC field. These A+ Better Business Bureau rated heating and cooling contractors, the pros from DC / AC Air Conditioning and Heating, make sure to hire specialists who are fully qualified, well educated, and trained in servicing and repairing ALL makes and models of AC and heating systems. Here are some of the other exceptional qualities found in technicians from DC / AC Air and Heat:

  1. Dedication to Excellence:

    Every specialist working for us is dedicated to providing excellent HVAC repair service and the most professional and accurate diagnostic services

  2. Provide Trusted Service:

    We know that you’re putting your trust in us to restore your AC and heating system to its optimal running efficiency. Among local AC companies, we’ve achieved a reputation for never taking this trust for granted and for working tirelessly to keep your trust

  3. On Time Service:

    Punctuality is one way we show that we have the utmost respect for your time and for your schedule. We know you don’t want to waste the day away waiting for a technician to show up to fix air conditioner parts or heating components

  4. Extensive Experience:

    All specialists from DC / AC Air Conditioning and Heating have undergone rigorous training and they have extensive heating and air service and repair experience

  5. Licensed and Insured:

    For your safety and satisfaction, all of our technicians are fully licensed and insured. If you need to have your refrigerant recharged, they are EPA certified and well trained to do perform this specialized service

We take pride in hiring and keeping only the best technicians so the air conditioning repair near me that you receive stays top-notch and trustworthy. When you search for the best HVAC companies near me, we want our name to come out on top. We strive to provide only the best air conditioning service and furnace repair service you can find in the greater Orlando and Central Florida area.

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Yes Furnace Service is a Necessity Even Near Orlando

air conditioner repair near me

You may have wondered if furnace repair in my area is even necessary, and the answer in the Orlando area is a resounding yes. Since temperatures in Orlando in January can fall to lows of about 45 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll need a well working furnace and air conditioner system. Among furnace contractors near me, you’ll find that DC / AC Air and Heat is well respected and trusted among furnace companies near me. This furnace service near me knows what it’s like to have a malfunctioning furnace and to feel the chill of January winds making their way into your indoor space. You need to have the phone number of a good furnace repair company on speed dial for these colder months and for unexpected cold spells.

The best furnace repair near me that you’ll find in the Orlando area comes straight to you from expertly trained specialists from DC / AC Air and Heat. Once the temperatures plunge and you begin to shiver, you’ll be glad to have expert furnace repair near my location to rely on to warm you up again. Finding professional heating and cooling in my area is easy when you look to the pros from DC / AC Air Conditioning and Heating. Both heating and cooling services are specialties that we’re happy to offer to our neighbors.

Ensuring That You Stay Cool and Comfortable

During the warm and eventually hot months in Orlando, the experts in AC service near me and in heating and cooling repair near me make sure you always stay cool and comfortable. HVAC air conditioning service is always a service that is best tackled by experts. You never want to attempt service or repairs on your own since that can come with risks of personal injury or damage to your valuable AC and heating system. Here are some of the best search terms to look for when you need and hope to find expert air conditioner repair near me:

  1. AC Unit Repair Near Me
  2. Air Conditioning and Heating Near Me
  3. AC Technician Near Me
  4. Air Conditioning Companies in my Area
  5. Air Conditioning Installation Near Me
  6. Air Condition Repair in my Area
  7. Central Air Repair Near Me
  8. Commercial HVAC Contractors Near Me
  9. Residential HVAC Contractors Near Me
  10. Local HVAC Companies
  11. HVAC Specialist Near Me
  12. HVAC Repair Companies Near Me

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Finding highly qualified air condition repair near me or air conditioning service near me doesn’t need to be difficult. You can do a simple Internet search, or even better, ask for recommendations from friends, family and co-workers. Chances are that in the Orlando area, the name of DC / AC Air Conditioning and Heating will come up towards the top of any search list for expert heating and AC repair. Air conditioning companies near me are readily found with a bit of persistence and with well worded inquiries about local HVAC repair.

We Specialize in Commercial and Residential HVAC Repair and Service

When your home air conditioner fails or is not working as well as it should be, you need home air conditioner repair near me that can come out quickly to resolve the issues. Getting local AC repair near me is always preferential over finding service from a large chain company. The trusted home AC repair near me that will most likely come up in your search in the Orlando area comes from DC / AC Air Conditioning and Heating.

If your commercial AC system fails, it’s easy to find commercial HVAC repair near me from DC / AC Air and Heat that will restore your AC system to top-notch working order. Specialists will quickly have your system back up and running and your business won’t miss a step in its day-to-day operations. When unexpected events like AC failure happen, it’s good to know you’ve got HVAC contractors near me that are dependable, reliable and trustworthy and that the work will be done right every time.

Rely on a Company With a Stellar Reputation

For your Orlando area home heating and cooling needs and for commercial HVAC service near me, you’ll never go wrong when you contact the pros from DC / AC Air Conditioning and Heating. We’re locally owned and operated to supply all HVAC repair near me professionally and reliably. When you tailor your search to terms like best HVAC repair near me, our name consistently comes out near or at the top.

We’ve proudly supplied expert central air conditioning repair and total heating and air conditioning service for over 25 years. We were chosen as a winner in the 2017 Orlando Sentinel Best Bets in 2017 for Best AC Company. We are the supplier of the best air conditioner service near me. One look at our testimonials from satisfied customers will convince you of that fact. We also strive to keep our stellar reputation as an A+ accredited company with the Better Business Bureau. Our unmatched attention to detail and devotion to excellence consistently keeps us at the top of our profession.

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The Importance of Keeping Your AC Unit Cleaned and Well Maintained

air conditioning contractors near me

Once your expert technician shows up to do the maintenance and inspection of your AC and heating unit, you probably already know about the importance of changing the filter. When the filter is changed, your technician will look for the MERV rating that is right for you and install the correct filter. MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value and needs to be between one and thirteen. The higher the number is, the better job your filter will do of filtering the air. What you may not know about, however, are the other services that are essential to keeping your system running its best. These include:

  1. Blowers and Fans:

    They need to be checked periodically to be sure there is no excessive wear and that they are free from dust and debris

  2. Fan Belts:

    Belts need to be adjusted and replaced as necessary to keep your AC system in top working order

  3. Motors and Bearings:

    They must be inspected and lubed as necessary so they continue to operate seamlessly

  4. Checking Operating Temperatures:

    Your professional specialist in heating and air conditioning repair near me will check the temperature output of the air that is coming out of your system to be sure its at an optimal level

  5. Coils and Condenser Fins:

    Keeping the quality of your coils and fins up to a high standard keeps your system operating at its best. Your specialist in heating air conditioning service will check to be sure parts like coils and condenser fins are in good working condition

  6. Keeping the Condenser and Compressor Free From Obstructions:

    Your technician will observe and inspect the areas around your outdoor AC components to be sure they are free and clear of debris and free from excessive growth of shrubs and weeds

  7. Inspecting Your Units Safeties and Controls:

    As a part of routine maintenance, your specialist in heating and cooling service will check the safeties and controls

Keeping your AC unit as clean and well maintained as possible will help to extend the life of your unit and help to save you money in the long term. Experts in home air conditioning service near me and your expert providers of commercial AC service are your partners in preserving the integrity of your AC system and keeping it running well. You’ll love having an efficiently running AC system when the temperatures get hot and high humidity makes your environment feel sticky and uncomfortable.

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The Benefits of Routine Maintenance For your Commercial Business

Today's AC and heating systems

Among the heating and cooling companies near me, DC / AC Air Conditioning and Heating stands head and shoulders above the rest in providing residential and commercial HVAC services to keep your HVAC system in top shape. The benefits of expert maintenance and critical care of your system to your commercial business are many and varied. These benefits include:

  1. Better Worker Productivity:

    When your employees are cool and comfortable, their productivity naturally goes up

  2. Greater Comfort of Employees:

    You might be pleasantly surprised at the increased dedication and loyalty of your employees when they have a cool and comfortable working environment

  3. Increasing the Reliability of Your HVAC system:

    With a more reliable system, you can relax knowing that your commercial business environment will stay cool and comfortable

  4. Lessening Wear and Failure Opportunities of Your AC Components:

    Keeping your commercial AC unit well maintained by experts in heating and cooling near me helps to decrease wear and damage to your essential AC components

  5. Better Quality of Indoor Air:

    Everyone working within and visiting your commercial business will be able to breathe better quality air when your commercial AC system is kept properly maintained

  6. Fewer Frivolous and Unnecessary Service Calls:

    Keeping your commercial AC system properly maintained will result in fewer calls for service that turn out to be unnecessary, saving everyone time, effort and money

  7. Lowered Repair Costs:

    When your commercial AC system is properly maintained, chances are you’ll experience lower repair costs when something does go wrong due to things like the age of your commercial AC equipment

  8. Lower Energy Costs at Your Commercial Business:

    Units that run their most efficiently tend to cost consumers less in energy costs, which is always an exceptional benefit. This is especially true for commercial business owners and operators

  9. Reduction in Losses and Down Time:

    A well working and well maintained commercial AC system can reduce your company’s experience of losses, especially when it comes to down time of your employees

  10. HVAC Equipment That Lasts Longer:

    Keeping your commercial AC equipment well maintained and running its best can make it last longer, and can increase the lifespan of your valuable commercial AC equipment

  11. Protecting Your Investment:

    In relation to all of your other business operating expenses, business owners and operators often find that an AC and heating system is one of their more expensive investments. Proper AC maintenance done by reputable heating and air conditioning companies like DC / AC Air Conditioning and Heating helps to protect that investment

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heating and cooling repair

The one thing that you’ll never want to skimp on when you’re running a business is your heating and air conditioning system. Experts in heating & air conditioning repair and maintenance are your partners in protecting your valuable investment and increasing the comfort and productivity of all of your employees. The smartest way to protect your most valuable investments, your commercial business and your HVAC equipment, is to find expert AC service from professional heating and air conditioning companies near me. You’ll be happy that you’ve found the expert heating & cooling service from DC / AC Air Conditioning and Heating.

These Experts Provide Your Best Residential and Commercial AC Solution

The professionals from DC / AC Air Conditioning and Heating provide exactly the residential AC repair and service you need, along with the commercial AC repair near me that you’ve been searching for. Our most outstanding features will be the spark you need to make a good, informed decision for the best heating and air near me. These features include:

  1. Expert Technicians:

    Hand selected technicians from the best and brightest in the field of expert AC repair, maintenance and service

  2. Technicians that are Knowledgeable:

    Our specialists go through rigorous training and are constantly kept informed about all the latest best practices in professional heating and air service near me that you’ve hoped to find

  3. Well Equipped Professionals:

    Chances are that we’ll have exactly the parts you need to get your residential AC repair done or to do your commercial AC repairs. If by chance we don’t have the parts, we will locate and get them quickly for you

  4. Professionals Have the Right Refrigerants You Need:

    No matter what type of AC system you have or the specific refrigerant required to service that system, we will know what refrigerant to use. Our pros in heating and air near me will be able to get the correct refrigerant for you. Our specialists are trained and certified to install refrigerant according to the latest EPA requirements and standards

  5. Bonded and Insured Technicians:

    All of our specialists are fully licensed, bonded and insured to protect you and your valuable HVAC investment

Out of all the HVAC companies near me in the Orlando area, DC / AC Air and Heat continues to be the one called upon and relied on most often to give you excellent, prompt and reliable service. We are the HVAC installers near me that you can trust for expertise and exceptional service when you need to have a new system installed and the best choice in HVAC repair companies when you simply need expert repairs and outstanding service.

Your Continuous Comfort is Our Highest Priority

AC companies near me

We continually strive to see that your home or place of business stays a comfortable and nice place to be. This means providing expert home AC service near me and commercial AC service that keeps your HVAC system in top working order. We share the same goal with you of keeping your environment at exactly the right temperature for maximum comfort. We want you to enjoy being in your home and working in a consistently pleasant environment.

The highest accolades we can ever receive come from the people who know our work best, our satisfied residential and commercial AC repair, service and maintenance customers. We are honored when excellent feedback is left for DC / AC Air Conditioning and Heating and we look forward to hearing your thoughts. We are even more honored when our customers love our professionalism and our pride in our work enough to recommend us to their friends, loved ones and co-workers. We take pride in excellence and believe that it shows in everything we do.

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