Get Proper Air Duct Cleaning by DC / AC Air and Heat in Orlando to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

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Keeping your HVAC system air ducts clean and sanitized greatly reduces harmful elements found within your indoor air for improved safety and efficiency of your system. Calling for professional air duct cleaning is your best way to help ensure better health and better air quality in your home or business. DC / AC Air and Heat will send a professional technician to thoroughly clean your air ducts, with a phone call or a few clicks on the website.

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Orlando Duct Cleaning Services

A professional air duct cleaning service provides the ultimate way to keep your indoor environment cleaner and safer. Air duct cleaning services offered by DC / AC Air Conditioning and Heating include:

Vacuuming of Air Ducts – Removes the most visible unhealthy elements that if left in place can potentially affect health and contribute to an unclean environment

Cleaning of Components – In addition to air ducts, our specialists will clean blowers, fans, coils and registers for a comprehensive clean

Residential and Commercial cleaning of Air Ducts – We provide expert air duct cleaning services both in Orlando area residences and in commercial businesses

Cleaning Dryer Vents – Along with cleaning of air ducts, a technician can make sure your dryer vents are cleaned to lessen the possibility of fire and to keep your dryer running safely

Hiring the services of professional specialists in cleaning air ducts is your best way to ensure that your system keeps running in top-notch form and that the indoor air being breathed is kept clean and free from harmful elements.

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The Best Benefits of Cleaner Air Duct Systems

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You’ll receive a myriad of benefits from keeping your air ducts clean and sanitary. Main benefits you’ll experience include:

Better Indoor Air Quality – Harmful elements like pollen, bacteria, pet dander, cigarette smoke, dust mites, bacteria and mold are removed with help from a thorough air duct cleaning service

Restored and Better Running HVAC System – Keeping ducts clean can make your HVAC system run more efficiently, extending the life of your valuable investment

Reduced Hazards – Professional cleaning of air ducts can help reduce hazards like fire hazards, while increasing the safety of your system

Mitigates Allergies – Those who are sensitive to allergens can find relief once the air duct system is cleaned, and cleaning and sanitization can help reduce unpleasant odors as well

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All critical components of your air ducts and your HVAC system will be checked by pros from DC / AC Air and Heat before our technician leaves your home or place of business. These pros are comprehensively trained and certified. They are also dedicated to delivering expert air duct cleaning service for your peace of mind.

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Best Qualities of the Pros from DC / AC Air and Heat

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You can rest assured that DC / AC Air and Heat hires the most qualified technicians and keeps them well-trained for your assurance of exceptional work. Here are some of the best qualities you’ll notice in our pros:

On Time Service – Our specialists show up when they say they will arrive and deliver top-notch service, thoroughly cleaning your air ducts and inspecting your system and making repairs when necessary

Licensed, Bonded and Insured – Our technicians are fully licensed, bonded and insured so you can have complete confidence in all work done on your HVAC system

Vast Experience – Over 25 years of experience serving residents and business owners of Orlando keeps DC / AC Air Conditioning and Heating at the top of call lists

You can be assured that your technician is dedicated to delivering exceptional service in a reliable way. When air ducts need cleaning, or your HVAC system needs inspecting and service, depend on the pros from DC / AC Air and Heat in Orlando.

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