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Easing your mind and bringing the expert AC repair Kissimmee trusts right to your doorstep

You love living in Kissimmee with its palm tree lined streets, vast entertainment options, and nearly continuous sunshine. When your air conditioning is not working properly or goes out entirely, you know you need the expert AC service Kissimmee relies on for cooling, soothing relief. DC / AC Air & Heat has been the reliable, go-to AC service Kissimmee and surrounding areas have trusted for over 25 years. Highly skilled and adept technicians respond quickly to your request for help, easing your mind and bringing the expert AC repair Kissimmee trusts right to your doorstep.

Fast Professional Service is on the Way

Once you call for service from DC / AC Air and Heat, the main things you’ll notice right away are our quick response time to do your Kissimmee AC repair, a professional demeanor and our consistent focus on excellence. We know what a challenge it is to be in a home or business with a malfunctioning AC unit or heat that doesn’t work. You want real relief, delivered quickly, especially with the high humidity often found in the central Florida area.

Every one of our technicians is licensed, bonded and insured for your peace of mind. They are highly skilled and expertly trained in all the latest technologies for heating and cooling, and in all the newest methods for repairing all types and models of systems. If you need an entirely new system, our ace technicians can help you to make the best decision about the system that is perfect for your needs. Then, they will install the system to your satisfaction and go over all the nuances for operating the system in the most effective way. We know you’ll be impressed with our knowledge and with our focus on excellence.

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Services You Receive from AC Repair Experts

When you call for the AC repair in Kissimmee Florida trusted by your neighbors and friends, and provided by DC / AC Air and Heat, there are an array of services you can receive. These services include:

Professional Evaluation – Your system will be tested, evaluated and diagnosed by our experienced and knowledgeable technician. You’ll be informed about where your issues lie and the things that can be done to remedy the situation. If you should need a new system, you’ll be completely informed of your options

Repairs you can Trust – We let you know exactly what the problem is with your system and what we can do to fix it. No guesswork is involved with the free AC repair estimate Kissimmee residents and businesses have come to rely on. Repairs are done quickly and to your satisfaction, whether you need simple and minor repair work or more involved work on your system. You’ll always have choices of what you’ll have done

Accurate Price Quotes – We strive to give you an accurate price quote so you know exactly where you stand. We supply the affordable AC repair Kissimmee relies on to restore your home or business to cool comfort

Thermostat Repair and Replacement – Whenever it’s possible, we’ll repair your thermostat. If something major is malfunctioning, your thermostat can be replaced with a cutting edge, technologically advanced thermostat. You’ll be impressed with today’s energy saving and efficient technology. You may even see a decrease in your utility bills, which is a benefit that is always welcome

AC Refrigerant Recharging – Sometimes a problem is as simple as needing to have refrigerant recharged to get your system back to top working order. New refrigerants we use are guaranteed to be correct and compliant with all the latest EPA regulations

New System Installation – If you find out you do need a new system, you can relax knowing you have expert help in choosing the most effective system for your individual needs and an ace installation person to do the work for you. Your technician can even help you fill out any necessary paperwork for a rebate if you’re eligible for one

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We service and repair all brands including:

Group 4

You Are in Good Hands if you Do Need a New System

If you do need to have a new system installed, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the advances made in today’s air conditioning systems. You may even find that the AC repair costs Kissimmee homeowners and businesses experience are brought down by having the latest technology expertly installed. Your expert technician in the AC repair Kissimmee relies on will explain all the nuances of the system you’ve chosen, along with deciphering things like energy efficiency ratings, benefits, and how environmentally friendly your new system is.

You’ll be able to relax knowing you’re most likely going to have a smaller impact on the environment with a brand-new system, and that you’ll leave less of a footprint. Being able to contribute to keeping the environment safer for future generations simply by choosing the professional AC repair Kissimmee trusts is always a good thing. We make every effort to choose systems that have the best impact on the environment and on your budget.

We Always Strive for Complete Customer Satisfaction

The Kissimmee air conditioning repair residents and businesses have come to trust for exceptional results, expertly provided by DC / AC Air & Heat, keeps a single-minded focus on excellence. This is true of the experts we hire, the work we do, the professional installations of systems and every aspect of our business. You’re assured of complete satisfaction or we make it right.

We have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and we never rest on our laurels or take that for granted. We are pleased to have been named a winner in the 2017 Orlando Sentinel Best Bets as a Best AC Company. We receive honors like this in part due to the excellent feedback we receive from our customers. We receive our highest honor when our customers recommend us highly to their friends, family and co-workers. Our commitment to excellence means you get the best Residential AC repair Kissimmee FL can find, and top-quality AC repair for local businesses.

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