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AC Repair Orlando! HVAC Or Air Conditioner Not Cool Enough? AirCon Causing Problems? Let DC/AC Air And Heat Help You Get Comfortable Again! AC repair Orlando from DC/AC Air And Heat. Cool and calm, ready with friendly service! For Orlando properties, when you need a quality repair service. For your air conditioner or HVAC system.

A/C Repair The Better Business Bureau Reckons Is Great Too!

In addition to, having all the required licenses needed, to professionally, and reliably maintain and repair your Orlando AC system. We are of course properly bonded, and insured. This is to ensure, that you, get the exact service, you need.

It is amazing how many great consumer organizations have sprung up. We are very happy indeed with the fact that, the Better Business Bureau has ranked us as a BBB A+ Accredited Business. Getting an A+ is no easy thing. Whatever you are doing. Especially with the BBB though Have you ever seen what is required for a business to get a BBB A+ Accredited Business rating? They go through everything. It is the combination of our long history of reliable repairs, friendly service, amazing value and supreme customer satisfaction. That has come together to earn this. So the fact that, they rate our AC service so highly, is incredibly welcome.

This is only possible due to, the outstanding service we give to customers like you.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee For Orlando AC Repair

As if the BBB A+ Accredited Business rating was less than enough. We also give a 100% satisfaction guarantee, to all our customers. Wherever you are, in Orlando. Whatever your air conditioning service/repair issue. We are giving you, a 100% satisfaction guarantee. And we seriously deliver on it, too! It is one of the reasons that for over 25 years, we have been delighting those suffering from Orlando air conditioning crisis’s. Whatever your situation currently. Whatever the nightmare that has descended on your heat or cooling system. We are ready to restore your comfort in quick time.

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Maintenance Issues We Commonly Deal In Orlando With For A/C Condenser Units

These are just a few of the common things that are checked to help the efficiency of A/C condenser units in the Orlando area.

Pressure checks, a really simple thing. Amazing how much it changes AC efficiency though.
Checking wiring for loose or corroded connections, poor signal means poor AC.
Checking oil. Again, something simple which can indicate the need for AC repair.
AC Motor bearings are critical for smooth running, they work hard and need oil.
Tightening of AC unit hardware. When things are loose problems occur!
Regulate AC current draw, something which is essential for compressor health.
Inspect AC condenser coils for any damage, restrictions and other issues.

The list could go on and on. But, really you want an experienced professional, to carry out the maintenance, and repair work for you. That is after all, why you are searching for AC service.

Maintenance Issues We Commonly Deal In Orlando With For A/C Air Handler/ Evaporator Units

As we mentioned at the top. There are a lot of different systems in use. Air Handlers and Evaporators are another component of many AC systems in use, in the Orlando area. And Yes, we are great with them too!

Here are just some of the things we do with A/C air handlers and evaporator units.

Checking A/C wiring for loose or corroded connections, everything is electrical now.
Carefully oil all the A/C unit’s motor bearings, smoothness brings energy efficiency
Clean or replace A/C filters, when they are clogged your unit has to work too hard.
Tightening hardware as appropriate to ensure A/C & Heating System efficiency
Clean the A/C drain system thoroughly, condensation drain, pan, pump, auxiliary pan the lot.
Ensure A/C evaporator coils are free of damage and clean, these little things are critical!
AC Repair Sounds Simple, Why Not Do It Myself?

Please, never do that. You could cause yourself a lot of problems. Both with your AC, and your health! There are huge safety issues to deal with here. You have no idea how to handle the various chemicals, that are sealed within your unit. Or, how to safely service, all of the electrical components. Plus, the various evaporator coils, and other critical components, can be very sensitive. This is why, we have so many certifications. So, hold off from doing any remodels on your cooling system. Let us, as licensed and authorized professionals, help. And, get your cooling system equipment upgrades, handled by professionals. Authorized, and licensed, to do what is needed. With the degree of safety needed!

HVAC Repair And Air Conditioning Service At Best Value In Orlando

We are, seriously customer focused. The BBB A+ rating is one indictation of that. The 100% satisfaction guarantee is another. One of the reasons we are able to give that guarantee, is the value we give you. The prices you get are incredibly fair. And the customers we work with think so too. So as well as getting back to having cool comfortable air quickly. Your pocket will also stay comfortable too!

Whether your:
Air conditioner repair is needed urgently
Air conditioning service is overdue
HVAC repair needs doing now
Cooling system needs upgrades
HVAC system safety is questionable
Air-conditioning is turning up its toes
Air-conditioning is using too much energy

There is an authorized technician ready, with the equipment needed, to carry out your Orlando air conditioning repairs. With the exceptionally high degree of safety, and friendly service, that you and your aircon need!

DC/AC Air And Heat Your Go To For Orlando Air Conditioning Repair And Service

You don’t need to tell us you need quality service. We give it naturally.

For over 25 years, DC/AC Air and Heat has been the friend of residents, wherever Orlando air conditioning service, and HVAC repair has been needed.

Whether you have:
Residential A/C Issues
Retail A/C Nightmares
Commercial A/C Challenges

Whether you need:
Routine Maintenance
A Regular Service
Urgent Repairs
Or Upgrades

AC Repair Orlando HVAC & Air Conditioning Repair in Orlando With Friendly Service

We service and repair all brands including:

Group 4

Orlando air getting too Hot?

Home or office A/C, unable to keep you comfortable? Currently wishing, your air-conditioner was doing a better job? Time for, DC/AC Air and Heat to carry out the repair, and maintenance you need, to keep cool! 

Friendly Service To Repair Your Over Stressed Air Conditioning In The Orlando Area

DC/AC Air and Heat brings you the reliable AC repair service, you need, to keep cool. For over 25 years we have been keeping Orlando residents and businesses comfortable. We are certain to be able to help you too. 25 years of solid experience brings a lot of assurance on that.

Types Of A/C And HVAC Systems We Can Repair And Maintain For You

There are a huge number of varieties of systems, both HVAC and straight air conditioner, on the market. Plus wide variety which are still installed, but no longer sold. All from a wide range of products over various manufacturers. None of which are a problem for us.

Basically We Are Able To Carry Out AC Maintenance And Repair All Makes And Models Of
Air Conditioners
Heat Pumps
HVAC Systems

If you feel even a little unsure about our ability to service your particular cooling system then get in contact. We will soon be able to reassure you. And let you know that the return to comfort can come swiftly with help from our skilled technicians. For those times when the air gets too cool. Perish the thought in Orlando!

DC/AC Air and Heat also does the necessary repairs for heating systems too.

Whatever type of air conditioner system, whether straight cooling or combined, as an HVAC, with heat pumps, or whatever. Our friendly and efficient service will be able to get you back to the air temperature you feel best at in short time.

This has all come from the way that others think of our service.

At the moment you are searching for the best help. You want to ensure that your air conditioning system will be properly repaired. And that those repairs will be carried out quickly, efficiently and with the greatest degree of skill possible.

The testimonials given freely by customers like yourself, all share that in the form of praise. So please, check out our testimonials!

AC Repair In Your Area Of Orlando? We Cover The Whole Greater Orlando Area

Wherever you are in the Orlando area, be it in the city of Orlando. Or the greater Orlando area, you can have one of our friendly and skilled AC and HVAC technicians with you swiftly.

Just Some Of The Locations In Orlando Where People Already Welcome Our Service:

Saint Cloud
Winter Garden
Daytona Beach
Winter Park
Winter Springs
Altamonte Springs
Lake Mary Florida

HVAC And AC Repair You Can Depend On In The Orlando Area

Over the 25+ years that we have been helping people like you in the Orlando area, we have gained a lot of praise.

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